Brushing Up on Tradition: Chinese Calligraphy Workshop

Explore how the ancient artform of Chinese calligraphy can be relevant and fresh in a modern context. In this workshop, you will experience the charm and calming effect of Chinese calligraphy. The workshop includes a hands-on activity in drawing a Chinese character in traditional font, giving participants insight into how the character was developed.

14 May 2023

1pm - 3pm


Open Studio Sessions

Chinese calligraphy, 書法 shu fa, literally translated “the art of beautiful writing”. It is considered the epitome of Chinese culture; a quintessential art that merges language, history, philosophy, and aesthetics. Elaine is library@orchard’s artist-in-residence from March to May 2023. She will be exploring the chronological development of Chinese characters, and the ways in which contemporary techniques may intertwine with traditional ones. Drop by any time during these Open Studio sessions to say hello, discover her studio, and get a first-hand look at her work processes.

8 & 29 April 2023

1pm - 4pm


Chat with Elaine

Elaine is library@orchard’s artist-in-residence from March to May 2023. Can't make it for the Open Studio sessions? Fret not. We welcome all who wish to visit the studio and discuss more about art and Chinese calligraphy. Simply click the button below to book an appointment with Elaine!