Redefining Traditions

Inklings was born from the desire to introduce oriental art and calligraphy in a modern fashion. In hope that by doing so, learning the Chinese language and culture would be more palatable.

It is also Inklings’ desire to bring a fresh fragrance of oriental elegance to an atmosphere through art. We have also done workshops for clients who desire to get in touch with their creative side.

Home Décor

Designing Inklings

Elaine or Ling as she is fondly known, is formally trained in Economics, Wealth Management and Linguistics, yet always had a passion for the creatives. Born and bred in Singapore, her formative years in a Chinese school provided the training in Chinese Calligraphy and traditional Chinese Brush Painting. She is always seeking to bring a fresh air of contemporary style into the ancient art form. Her distinctive personal style emanates simplicity and freedom. Her works express a vibrant spirit of strength and the elegance of her Chinese heritage.


"Beckons with a sense of understated but immediate visual appeal. The dexterity of strokes. The subtlety of ink washes. The sensitivity and translucency of layered hues. Elaine’s paintings
invariably elicit a response. More implicitly, the fluidity of calligraphy that cleverly merged with pictorial ideography always evokes intrigue, inquiry and
multiple interpretations. Beautiful art pieces to show and own."

Lim Chong Jin
Ad Planet Group

"Elaine's work comes from her heart and I can sense the personal emotion behind every stroke that she did in her art works. She infused modern take and twist in the traditional calligraphy technique, as such she managed to create pieces that invoke feelings and sense of old and new in the same realm. In this modern and chaotic world, the calm and peace in her art work will infuse any home."

Rula Interior Design Services

Elaine’s playful and fluid brushstrokes reflect the attitude she brings to her practice of calligraphy—one that is adaptable, spontaneous, and confident. One aspect I truly admire about Elaine is her enthusiasm and generosity in sharing her love of Chinese calligraphy to anyone and everyone. Having fluency between languages and cultures in a somewhat Westernised city is something she truly leans into in her practice and this permeates through all her work, allowing any viewer to tap into the beauty and mindfulness of Chinese calligraphy.

E Mae Lee
Ceramic Artist

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